About Junk Philosophy

Here you can find a broth of experience in music, film, literature, drugs, poetry and the arts filtered from a purposive spoon into the syringe of junk philosophy, ready to be mainlined into your brain.

Junk philosophy is not about heroin. Opiate addiction can be seen as both an allegory for the philosophy and an expression of the philosophy in action. No one here is suggesting you use opiates, although we would suggest you try to treat addicts like the actual human beings they are. Rather, the experience of opiate addiction lends itself to an inward-looking form of existential nihilism. You see hints of it in literature as early as de Quincey and Baudelaire, and more particularly in the writings of Burroughs and Trocchi.

So, some of us are on junk; some are not. I am not and have not been for many, many years. Most people can’t imagine a functional, intelligent junky, because the functional ones stay hidden in the closet. We’re not in the closet here. Some people are junk philosophers and don’t even realize it. If you’re the kind of person who questions society, relates to the outsider, considers the meaning of life, sees the glass as half empty, wonders what morality even means, or stands at the edge of a cliff and feels giddy at the freedom to jump, maybe you’re one of us.

6 thoughts on “About Junk Philosophy

  1. Hi

    I love your blog, it really captures the dark intellectualism at the heart of junk and the connection between that and existentialism and nihilism. I did try to write an essay on all this a few years ago called “Junkyism” but I don’t think I’m suited to handling unweildy philosophical notions. Maybe I am, who knows?

    Anyway you seem like a clever chap and I was reading your stuff and I was hoping you might be able to help me with my writing projects. I am working on an addiction memoir and the thing that worries me is that I am so far into recovery I might end up writing one of those sappy, “wasn’t it terrible” type things that ignores the context of how I felt at the time which reading your work reminded me of. Then again, I don’t simply want to write narco-porn glorifying something that is so destructive.

    Perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my most recent post which is an extract from my first draft – it’s only short and tell me what you think? I’d totally return the favour some time.



    • Thanks! Of course, send me a link. The more philosophers the merrier. Excellent to hear you’ve thought about it philosophically and don’t want to write about it in black and white–you sound like one of us. I had similar concerns when I tried to write on methadone. I was too disconnected from the past. Too functional. Then I quit methadone, and that horrific experience combined with the return to my “normal” self crystallized my junk philosophy. Crystallized in the sheer horror of a black abyss of sobriety.


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