Silk Road 2.0 Busted

Nov 6, 2014 – The FBI in cooperation with multiple US law enforcement agencies has taken down Silk Road 2.0, arresting numerous individuals including Defcon, the site’s administrator, according to DailyDot.

Defcon was arrested in San Francisco, the same city from which previous admin Ross Ulbricht was operating the original Silk Road. Ulbricht described the site as a model of his libertarian economic beliefs and a free and safer market for street drugs. The site operated with an eBay-like feedback system that could exclude dishonest sellers. The site’s web presence also purported to protect individuals from the dangers of buying drugs on the street.

The U.S. government seems to disagree, or, more likely, not give a damn about the safety of drug users. The U.S. has fought harm reduction,  needle exchanges, opiate substitution therapy, and provides sparse to no free screening to addicts for communicable diseases that could affect the general population, which is a serious concern given the lack of needle exchanges and harm reduction approaches.

Numerous other drug trade and black market sites were also busted and shutdown in this operation. Read the full article here.

2 thoughts on “Silk Road 2.0 Busted

  1. This country is annoying me endlessly. The news doesn’t surprise me, and unfortunately with this- the authorities will probably rightfully assume that any reboots of the site are coming from San Francisco (unless they make some changes.) Watching Django Unchained this morning, though to a degree contrived, filled me with disgust regarding the history of this country, its legacy, and the degree to which we represent excess in the worst ways.. Yet still so puritanical. Bet our citizens and politicians think we’re soo progressive too, with the legalization of gay marriage, and marijuana in a few states, medicalization in a few others. What a joke. There are so many ways in which we will probably never treat people as humanely as other modern countries.

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    • Amen, brother. Agreed, agreed, and agreed.

      I always say if you want to really disgust yourself, don’t bother with Italian b-movies, just go straight to the hardcore stuff: study the history of US foreign policy. If you thought American history was nasty, wait til you see the Dirty Wars.


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