A Call to Arms – Junkies for Justice!

Welcome to the next civil rights movement. I told you she was a freedom fighter.

Friends, fellow junkies, ex-addicts, sympathizers and supporters, we’ve reached a time of critical importance. A war has been waged upon us. J4JRibbonWe hoped beyond hope that peaceful negotiation would be possible. That through compassion, understanding and respect for human rights we could prevent unnecessary conflict. That hope is not all lost, but white ribbons and peace flags are no longer adequate. We must face the enemy on their soil. Fight fire with fire in order to stand our ground. Like the Native Americans shoved onto reservation, or the internment camps filled with Japanese, our place has been designated, far removed from civilized society. Their crusade will not end until every last one of us has been shackled, chained and broken. Whether six feet under or in the gutters they’ve dug for us, they do not care. So long as we’re silenced and exterminated from their neighborhoods like rats in a…

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1 thought on “A Call to Arms – Junkies for Justice!

  1. Thank you for reblogging this! We need to reach as many people as possible. In this situation (only 😉 it’s not size that matters. Small minority groups like us have to be stay vocal and vigilant to bring about change. But throughout history small groups have had a significant impact and have been responsible for some of the biggest changes. I’m proud to have you by my side as my brother in arms! 🙂


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