Government shoots celebrity, society blames the gun

Peaches Geldof had heroin in her system when she died. Who’s really to blame for accidental overdoses… hmm… Do you often find yourself accidentally overdosing when you take prescription medication? Oh, man. That Lipitor, it was way stronger this time. No. You accidentally overdose on street drugs that vary in purity. Why do they vary in purity? Because they are made in underground labs by amateur chemists with no potency controls and then sold on to people who cut them depending on their whim. Why is heroin made in underground labs? Because of prohibition.

When a celebrity dies of a drug overdose, prohibition must be defended. Like peachessuperstitious, ignorant shamans warding off evil spirits, society blames the drug itself when it can’t bring itself to blame the victim. If all else fails, they toss out the the devil’s messenger trope, and blame the poor sap who delivered the drug to the willing recipient. But if you died, assuming you’re not a celebrity, they’d just blame you.

If you want to blame someone for the absurd, pointless deaths of those you love and admire, blame your government for caring so little about your lives that they refuse to end a war against their own people. Do they need to be taught this lesson repeatedly? Alcohol prohibition, anyone? Black markets grew, gangsters took over, cartels formed, violence spread, and people died trying to enjoy a cocktail. The prohibitionists know their history. They just don’t care, because it’s not their loved ones who are dying.

Coroner Roger Hatch says the post mortem shows Geldof used heroin shortly before she died … and that the drug is “likely to have played a role in her death.”

5 thoughts on “Government shoots celebrity, society blames the gun

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  2. I want to see the evidence that the coroner has that point to heroin playing a role in her death. Anytime anyone is found with drugs in their system there is an automatic assumption that drugs played a role, without any further investigation. I’m not making an assumption one way or another in this specific case. I would just like to see a little more investigation when people do die with drugs in their system and not just a blanket, shut the book attitude and automatic assumption.


    • I totally agree. If a junky got run over by a drunk driver, there’d be heroin in his system, as always. Then what would they do. Blame the junky, probably. In your system and “likely to have played a role” don’t mean anything. The media always jumps to these conclusions, and never retracts when it turns out it was some other cause or actually a different drug or combo like alcohol. No one has seen any toxicology results or autopsy reports, and even autopsies are subject to medical skill and subjective interpretation. I think the full inquest isn’t until July.


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